Program «Veres»

location Germany, Lower Saxony


A garden engineer from Ohio, a marketing technician from Bremen, several graduate gardeners from Ferden and…. about 50 employees from Ukraine. This is the ideal formula for the success of this enterprise. According to Ms. Anna * (head of the company since 2002), the highest performance in the field of horticulture is directly proportional to the complete absence of stress among staff.

"And the amount of completed tasks is equal to the amount of daily earnings" - says Ms. Init * - another owner of the farm and Ms. Anna's sister*
As it turned out, there are also many theorems in heather science.
The workers here are dealing with a really special product. Kaluna, ling, or heather, which is more familiar to us. Shrub plant, the demand for which, recently, broke all records. Owners of Michelin-starred establishments are increasingly decorating the tables of their restaurants with it, and hospitable housewives more and more frequently put it onto the window sills and stairs of houses; florists, in particular, have experienced a real heather boom: flower stalls without such decor are no longer fashionable, and classic bouquets are now a relic of the past.

They say, to discover something new, you must first go out the door of your apartment. If it does not work, it is worth leaving the city. If it doesn't work here either, then you should cross the border of another country. And this is an axiom rather than a theorem.

Do you want to check it yourself? Then read the conditions:

Company location:

land of Lower Saxony


Hourly. Minimum wage: 12.41 Euro/hour.


Pruning, planting, growing heather.
Among other types of work: packaging of finished products, and sending it for sale.

Working hours:

Usually during the peak season the working day lasts from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm. On Fridays, the working day lasts until 12:30. Sometimes work is available on Friday dinners and Saturdays. (Working hours within the legally possible framework)
In general, the student works 5-6 days a week.


from two to three people in the apartment (hotel with well-equipped rooms, separate bathroom and kitchen, as well as Wi-Fi).
Accommodation costs 375 € / month, including the provision of utensils, bed linen. You need to get by bike from the place of residence to work  (approximately 15 minutes)

Food: Organised by a student

List of necessary things:


Good mood, optimism, friendliness
Raincoat (waterproof jacket - students ride bicycles to work)
Warm clothes (you can freeze on a bicycle - gloves, scarf, hat)
Quality footwear (so that in rainy weather on the way to work your feet do not get wet)
Bag with lunch box (container), water bottle (thermos)
!!! EU card

Own pills (sometimes it is difficult to find the right medicine here).
Ms. Anna * says that her employees do not need such a large list of things as, for example, those who go to strawberry farms. After all, they spend most of their working time in the greenhouse.

Vaccination from Covid
Health insurance is provided by the employer
* Please note that proper names (names of employers, names of cities, companies, etc.) may be partially or completely changed due to business competition.


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