Enterprise «Kaaсk»

location Germany, Fullendorf


Strawberry is a berry of love. This is not only the opinion of English scientist Patrick Holford, but also the belief of Constantin, the owner of the "Kaack" enterprise. When we first met him, we immediately realized that he really loves his job. Mr. Kaak says he works a lot in the field. That is why he has created excellent living conditions for the students, rooms with new furniture, good internet access, TV,that's all  because he understands how important it is to have a good rest after a busy day.

And here are his conditions:


northern Germany, the town of Fuhlendorf


Minimum wage: 12.41 Euro/hour.
Approximate collection rate: 10 kg / h, anything that exceeds the chord is paid an additional 0.8 € / kg.
Approximate collection rate in tunnels/racks: 18 kg / h, anything exceeding the chord is paid an additional 0.45 € / kg.


Collecting strawberries.
Among other types of work: plucking flowers, weeding, planting, straw distribution, opening and covering with fleece + foil, cleaning tunnels, building / dismantling tunnels, picking / tying raspberries / blackberries, weeding of the lilies of the valley ( in the open ground)

Working hours:

Usually at the peak of the season the working day lasts from 4.30 am to 18.00 with a long lunch break. (Working hours within the legally possible limits, max. 60 hours per week)
1 day off per week is provided


Usually four people in the room (rooms or well-equipped living containers, each room has a separate kitchenette and shower, Wi-Fi, some have a TV.
Accommodation costs 10 € / day, including cleaning + drying of dirty laundry, provision of dishes, a set of laundry detergents.


Organised by a student 
On the territory of the enterprise there is a shop with wholesale prices
Additional shopping facilities are available in Bad Bramstedt, which can be reached free of charge by bicycle.
List of necessary things:


Good mood, optimism, friendliness, initiativeness, workaholism (not to be confused with alcoholism, Mr. Kaack does not like it very much)
Love for the environment and nature
Good physical condition and practical experience on the strawberry farms
The employer provides a raincoat and work gloves, bed linen and utensils, but shoes, hats, knee pads and suncream must be brought by the student.

Euro card
Vaccination from Covid
Health insurance is provided by the employer


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