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When we created the "Besthof" company, we immediately decided to work only with those farms about which we would not receive any negative feedback. It turned out to be not so simple. Every farmer is first and foremost a big business owner. And any businessman always understands the way his company was organized and evaluates the working conditions his employee is provided with: a student can remember his company as a nightmare or ask to return there. And if he realizes that the student goes home completely satisfied, then his requirements will be appropriate. An entrepreneur who provides comfort and earnings will never employ those who do not give feedback. In addition, many German employers have long-term partners in Ukraine and have been cooperating for years with intermediaries who founded their companies long before us. Therefore, even in the Besthof, it sometimes happens that in response to a proposal for cooperation, we hear “No. Probably not this year. "

But not in the case of Mr. Jensen.

There are always plenty of people willing to go to this farm. The farmer has been making decisions about quotas and schedules for a long time, and recently announced that he is waiting for our students in the 2023 season! One of the best employers invites you to his place, and not at the end of the summer, but at the peak of the highest earnings - from May 1!

And here are his conditions:

north of Germany, near Flensburg

Minimum wage: 12.41 Euro/hour. Advance payment - once a week.
Accord payment!

Collecting strawberries.
Other activities include: plucking flowers, weeding, planting, straw distribution, opening and covering with fleece + foil, cleaning tunnels, building / dismantling tunnels, picking / tying raspberries / blackberries

Working hours:
8-10 hours a day, there is 1 day off.

7 euros per day including Wi-Fi, laundry, electricity, water, heating.

Containers are located on the territory of the enterprise.

There are 2 people in the room.

Independent. The company is located near the large city of Flensburg (100,000 inhabitants), which can be reached in 15 minutes. The Baltic Sea  is located in 10 minutes. Lidl and Edeka Supermarkets are 3 km away. Students are allowed to take company cars for trips to the shops.

List of necessary things:
- Good mood, optimism, friendliness, initiativeness.

- Love for nature and the environment.

- Good physical training and practical experience on strawberry farms.

- Raincoat, rubber boots, comfortable shoes, hat, knee pads, protective cream.

- The employer provides the dishwashers and bed linen.

- Euro card.
- Vaccination from Covid.

- Driver's license.
!! Health insurance is provided by the employer


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