Enterprise «Hilmar»

location Germany, Saxon


He is experienced and loyal, dedicated to his work and his atmospheric family farm. For dinner, Hilmar wears a Ukrainian embroidered shirt. He likes Ukrainian and Russian music. Students think that it is the reason of his energy and inspiration. But only Mr. von Mansberg knows that it is not the student music that makes him energetic and cheerful throughout the season, but their love, respect and boundless desire to go to Hilmar again and again.

And here are his conditions:


Lower Saxony, the town of Rittergut


Minimum wage: 12.41  Euro / hour (up to 13.10 Euro/hour, depending on the% of the fee)
Indicative harvest rate: set in the field by the employer and evenly distributed among employees. However, the harvest rate should not be lower than 80% of the harvest according to the daily plan.


Collecting strawberries.
Among other types of work: plucking flowers, weeding, planting, straw distribution, opening and covering with fleece + foil, cleaning the tunnels, building / dismantling the tunnels, working with hydrangeas, Christmas trees (hourly work for general workers)

Working hours:

Usually during the peak season, the working day starts at 3:00 - 6:00 am (depending on the sunrise) and lasts 7-9 hours, including a long lunch break at 11:00. There is often a break after lunch, and then students go out for classes. (Working hours within the legally possible limits, max. 60 hours per week)
There is 1 day off per week and 1 short day (Saturday)


Usually two to four people in the room (well-equipped rooms), each room has a separate kitchen and shower, Wi-Fi. Accommodation  costs 8 € / day, including the possibility of washing + drying dirty laundry, providing dishes, bed linen)
There is a shop located in 4 km from the company, if necessary, the employer provides a car.

List of necessary things:

Good mood, optimism, friendliness
Love for the environment and nature
Good physical condition and practical experience
Raincoat and work gloves
Rubber boots
First aid kit
Knee pads
Vaccination from Covid
Health insurance is provided by the employer


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