Program «Geese»

location GERMANY


+25°C,  green forests, flowering meadows and the Baltic Sea around, another track on the radio.
No, this is not a story about a student who went to Constantin Kaack for 5 years in a row and became a euro millionaire, but about geese.
Exactly! And Mr. Jürgen taught them such a life. It started in the 80's. In 2021, Nelle and Ingo's family took matters into their own hands. But that didn't change much: the barn where the bird lives should be exactly 25°C, the grass in the meadow was lush and bright green, and Ingo had bought a radio to scare away unwanted guests - raccoons, eagles and foxes, which could do a lot of harm to his geese. 

It would seem that everything is perfect. But Ingo is a perfectionist. Nevertheless, the impeccably established German system still lacks hard-working Ukrainian hands.
You probably thought: "What are the conditions in which students live and work, if the geese at Ingo's farm live better than some Ukrainians !?". This can be easily checked on the site you probably know - Yes, that's where people are looking for the best European hotels. Among them is Ingo's apartment. Germans and Danes sometimes come here if they want to go to the seaside and eat some delicious goose. The dining room for the staff really resembles a good restaurant in Kyiv. And there is no need to talk about the humanity and kindness of the owners. Everything sounds too sweet, doesn't it?
We agree with you, a drawback will still be found: YOU are still not there!

Here is your first letter from this employer:

"Hello Friend! My family and I are very happy to meet you! We keep and fatten geese, ducks and chickens, especially for St. Martin's Day and Christmas, so our main season lasts from the beginning of September until the New Year.

During this time, employees perform the following work with the bird:

car wash
Also agricultural work:

Feeding, providing geese, ducks and chickens with food, water and litter
grazing birds on the field for grazing
cleaning the bird.
Your work schedule at the peak of the season:

6.00 Getting started
8.00-8.20 Breakfast
10.00-10.10 Coffee break
10.00-12.30 Lunch
15-15: 15 Coffee
17:00 Free time after work
The working week lasts from Monday to Saturday.

Employees receive a net salary of 1,300 euros per month plus free accommodation in a triple room and free meals 5 times a day.
The housing was built in 2015 and is located in the company. Rooms are bright and cozy, with TVs and internet access. Technicians clean rooms, corridors and bathrooms every day.
Food for students is prepared by two chefs 7 days a week.

I hope you like my suggestion. Sincerely, Your future employer. "


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