enterprise «Gemüse»

location north of Germany


German companies with a 100-year history is a long story.
Powerful system with perfectly functioning work of each of its links. Responsibility, meticulousness, order and perfectionism - that's what drives this car. Everything is clear, transparent and even somewhat monotonous. But also a bit adventurous.

Just recovering from the euphoria after successful negotiations with a vegetable farm, we received a call from one of the newly employed interns there. He seemed surprised rather than angry. "I am currently in the north of Germany at Gemüse *. Can you tell me where the trap is? There are no such high salaries. And the employer claims that it is net. When should I expect new deductions and what is next ?! ”

These questions are really touchy. And not because someone was going to calculate something else. He did earn more than 2,000 euros net less than a month. Working indoors. Living in a double room. Being a few kilometers from the Baltic coast.

It hurts us to meet disappointed students. Difficult stories of exploitation and unjustified expectations sometimes undermine our enthusiasm. We don't know if each Besthof partner company will pay as much as Gemüse *, but we know one thing for sure: You have to work here!

And here are the conditions:


northern Germany, near the Baltic Sea


Minimum wage: 12 Euro / hour.
Hourly work


Work with vegetables: mainly cabbage (white cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, Savoy cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli) - 98% of the time; as well as carrots, celery, leeks, turnips, beets, pumpkins, potatoes)
Responsibilities include:
Cleaning, washing, cutting, sorting, packing, stacking on pallets, blowing (cleaning leaves on cobs under air pressure), packing in foil, washing and cleaning surfaces, related work.

Working hours:

Usually the working day lasts from 6 am, lasts from 7 to 13 hours, including a lunch break of 30 minutes. and two pauses of 15 minutes. (Working hours within the legally possible framework, but one can take overtimes)
There is 1 day off per week (Sunday) and 1 short day (Saturday)


Usually 2-3 people in a room (well-equipped living containers, the apartment has a kitchen, shower and Wi-Fi).
Accommodation costs 4 € / day, including utensils, washing machines and clothes dryers.


REWE and EDEKA supermarkets are 2 km away
Additional shopping opportunities are available in the nearest big city (Lidl supermarket), which can be reached free of charge by bicycle.
List of necessary things:


Optimism, friendliness, initiativeness.
Spacious wallet / large pockets.
Good physical training and practical experience in the field of vegetable growing, experience in the plant growing.
The employer provides the utensils, but it is better to take the bed linen with you.

Euro card
Vaccination from Covid
Health insurance is provided by the employer.
* Please note that proper names (names of employers, names of cities, companies, etc.) may be partially or completely changed due to the business competition.


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