Modern Germany is the economic and political leader of the European Union and an active participant in the system of international relations. In recent decades, the country has made incredible strides in the economic and social spheres, making life in Germany the dream of millions of foreigners from around the globe, including Ukrainians. Working in German agriculture has become an opportunity for many migrant workers who may not be highly qualified but want to get a job and a fairly high salary.

In this country, you can find a vacancy for a long-term contract work or temporary seasonal part-time work for students, you can work in the specialty or change the field of activity. Good knowledge of German is not always necessary, but still knowing the language at least at a minimum level is desirable.

Farms in Germany are small businesses, usually family-type. Most of the processes of agricultural production at such farms are mechanized, so the number of workers in farmers is usually small - up to five people. The term of work is mainly up to 4 months, i.e. for the season that usually begins in May. Although there is work in greenhouses - for example, to collect strawberries, where they work all year round.

If you consider vacancies in the field of crop production, German farmers offer the work of harvesting crops such as greens, lettuce, potatoes, beets, strawberries and grapes.

Another option is to work on a livestock farm or poultry farm. These are the farms with a full production cycle:

animal husbandry;
production of milk, sausages and semi-finished products;
forage harvesting.
Vacancies are mainly offered for the general workers, there is also a possibility to work on animal and poultry farms. Such work generally does not require work experience that is attractive to students.

However, there are vacancies that require work experience, specialized education and availability of recommendations.

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