Consulting. Work. Practical training.

Our philosophy

Hi, let's get acquianted?

We are Besthof. And you, apparently, are our potential client.
What does it mean? First of all, we appreciate and respect you. We are glad that you set goals and look for ways to achieve them. But, frankly, we want to change something in you:

1) Your financial situation.
We think you already have a job in Ukraine that brings you income. But let's try to make money to buy a cool car not in 10 years, but in 2-3 trips abroad? It is enough to constantly save, make credit card collections or ask your parents for money, especially if you are already a parent yourself. Your future is in your hands.

2) Practical knowledge (mainly in the field of agriculture, in other fields you are already a pro).
In theory, we are all good specialists. And try it in practice! Implement what you already know and learn from professionals! Return to Ukraine and continue your work as before, but with European recommendations.

3) Your outlook.
How often do you travel? How old is Cologne Cathedral? What is the length of the Berlin Wall? When will you finally get to Neuschwanstein? And how to decipher the name "Besthof"?
Let's answer these questions together.

When you came across a website full of descriptions of German farms and read the motto (Consultung, Work, Practical Training), you probably thought: "Well, of course, another employment agency abroad." You are partially right. We will really help you to go abroad, where we will find a job for you. What then is our feature?

Besthof is not a vacancy search office, it is the official representative office of leading German companies in Ukraine.

The advantages of such a strategy are:
Minimized/no payment for the vacancy
Direct contract with the employer
Additional bonuses (in some cases, the employer can cover the cost of your trip, sometimes just a few European recommendation letters are enough.)
We thought long and hard about the name of the company. We planned to make it the best for our every client and that was immediately clear, so the word Best is more than transparent. But how to complement this combination? We needed some precise inflection, which was about to come to mind, but something was always in the way. And here the word Hof sounded (translated yard, estate)! Yes, of course, only Hof! What could be closer, more authentic, "dearer" to every farmer, master of his craft, than his farm, his yard. A place where a tired but satisfied student returns to every night. A place where you will be invited next year. A place that you will tell your children about in 10 years, your eyes will shine. When you hear this word, you will remember what you were like once and you will see who you are now. All these years we will be close. Why? Because we are the same as you: strong, persistent, determined. But at the same time we are weak without your "Thank you!" after a successful trip. There is one thing to keep in mind: we are the Besthof together with you.
Well, it's time to meet employers!

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